Flash to Lectora

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I've seen this many times and I've had to do this myself a few times.I got my idea from this post: http://community.trivantis.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=241It uses part of the javascript that Tim has shown.Here is Flash passing values to a Lectora page: http://www.3ee.com/ryguy/lect/Here is the source files:http://3ee.com/ryguy/lect/flash_lect.zipBASICS: Sets up the Go variable in Lectora. MAKE SURE the Go variable created in Lectora first. The function setFlashQuestion1Score( score ) passes the score variable into Lectora.Lectora sets the Go variable in Lectora to the score variable.REMEMBER: when using Javascript to set/read variables into Lectora, you MUST always haveVar in front of the Lectora variable.//Copy here for External HTML object using header scripting in LectoraVarGo= new Variable( 'Go', '0', 0, 0, null )function setFlashQuestion1Score( score ){ VarGo.set( score )}Hope this helps!-RyEdited By: ryguy on 38573.7341435185