building a custom LMS?

barry9 Community Member Posts: 3
Hi Steve (and all),I think you hit the nail on the head:"Rolling your own LMS adaptor as middleware sounds like fun, but not that much fun:)"I'm aching to make some of my SCORM knowledge practical rather than theoretical, but I'm now thinking it may be enough to just tell Lectora where to submit quiz results and let the course take care of the rest. Also, I think my client did not export the course as SCORM-compliant - there's not even an XML folder in the exported data (fun fun!) and all the course pages use their own internal methods for transition rather than simply submitting 'Terminate' to the RTE API. In a properly exported SCORM package, the resources should simply call Terminate and rely on the LMS to serve the next appropriate resource based on the structure file in the XML dir, right? I think most of this is really just an improper export format issue.I may continue with my LMS just because standards are the future, and if not now there will be another time in the future that I have to integrate some SCORM course material... but it's good to know that Lectora can make it much easier on me by simply posting assessment results to a .cgi of my choosing...I'm still interested to hear anyone else's experience in building partial LMS transports and/or dealing with Lectora exported data in this regard... but I think my temporary solution may be quicker than all that.thanks so much!-barry