building a custom LMS?

barry9 Community Member Posts: 3
Hi there,My company already uses a proprietary courseware and LMS system (well, not a true LMS, but a Perl/MySQL based back-end and content manager for the proprietary courseware).One of our clients is bringing us course content developed in Lectora, and it's my task to integrate it with our existing system.Now the quick answer is always going to be 'bite the bullet and buy an LMS', but I'm looking for a slightly more complex answer:I'm fairly familiar with the SCORM standard (after 400+ pages of documentation, I better be...), and I'm building a small API to translate the SCORM data model data into our proprietary database markers, thereby creating the ability to use the limited data used in the 3rd party courses built in Lectora with our system in a 'plug-and-play' kind of way.My question is this: is there a way to see where and how Lectora courses published as 'SCORM' are looking for their API instance? I perused the trivantis-cookie.js file, which seems to be looking in some non-standard places for the SCORM RTE API instance, and the course just never finds any titleMgr at all (an 'alert(titleMgr)' after the first call to locate it prints 'null').Is there some documentation I can check into about this, or a way to determine what method of export was used on the data? (I'm suspicious that the data was not exported as SCORM, but for coursemill or direct 'internet' publishing). I saw the tips & tricks post about querying titleMgr's properties, but I'm not even getting a titleMgr showing up to query. Also, the course places cookies on the user's machine, but doesn't appear to use them internally, so another option would be for me to query cookie data to manage the user experience, but I believe this would require adding a lot of variable tracking to the original course (which I do not have access to). Anyway, long story short (too late), does anyone have experience creating a limited LMS API to intercept course data and interact with a back-end database? Or am I overreaching using the SCORM format, and perhaps there is a method of export that is more suited to this application?Thanks so much for anyone's help - this seems to be one of those areas where there are no easy answers - and community support is the only way to figure it out.thanx:barry