Text Appearance in Lectora using FLash

turlon04 Community Member Posts: 6
The text sizes are different in Lectora and Flash (or just about any other screen design program I have experience with). The difference is the use of points vs. pixels. Lectora generates text in Points, while Flash / Fireworks / and other media output generators rely on Pixel settings. In my opinion, points are for print - and they don't have much place in software designed for screen display. I've asked that this be changed - somewhere, long ago:)Getting them to match up exactly is nearly impossible, but you can come close by making some adjustments to your Flash file font settings for text fields. For example, if you use 12 Point Arial in Lectora, you can closely match it by using 16 Pixels (bumping up by 4 usually hits close enough that you won't notice if they don't overlay each other) and clicking the box for use device fonts (if using static text) or just using dynamic text. Same goes for Fireworks, except you are going to want to use the 'system antialias' font setting.After publishing, it appears that the Lectora fonts are converted to pixels. I'm not sure why it uses points in the Authoring environment (baffled).Steve