Lectora Pro 2005 Crashes

kvallier Community Member Posts: 26
I've been a user of Lectora 2003, 04, and now 05. The problem of crashing seemed to happen in the 04 version and continues in 05.It appears the crash occurs while working with text boxes and navigataing the left frame.We were told the crashing issues (memory leaks) were resolved in the latest 2005 service packs, however, crashes still happen.This issue is not machine, file, or user specific. It happens!What else is being done and how many of you who use Lectora several hours per day have this issue?I'll include a suggestion also...For people like me who are learning to save every five minutes or so, it would still be a nice feature to include a save timer/prompt to Lectora.Not saving every other minute may be my fault the crashing is a Travantis issue.