Show - Hide buttons

dsargent Community Member Posts: 28
I'm using Lectora Publisher 2005. I have a set of nav buttons to go fwd and back through the course. I have a seperate button (I'll call it GO) that I want to use to navigate to a particular page that contains the also uses standard nav buttons. I want to be able to turn off the standard nav buttons when I click the GO button to navigate to this particular page, and have another button called Return show. I'm using hide actions to hide the std. nav buttons and show the Return button when I click Go.Then when I click Return I'm using the javascript command javascript:history.back(); to return to the original page, and using show actions to turn the std. nav buttons back on, and hide to once again hide the Return button.I'm not having much luck. When I click the GO button, it goes to my page, the Return button flashes briefly then disappears and the std nav buttons come back on.Kind of a long explaination, but I'm sure hoping there's something easy to fix this.I would appreciate any feedback!!