Tracking Issues using multiple SCO's

lucky3623 Community Member Posts: 54
We are trying to track a users progress through our course. The only problem is, if we use multiple SCO's, the user must go through them in a linear fashion. We need our users to be able to jump from module to module. Also, we can not have multiple SCO's and use a main menu type of page (which we created in a flash file). If we end up using 1 SCO, we can only track it as if it was only 1 module. We are now stuck between a rock and a hard place.1 SCO:No tracking for each module, which is required for our course.Mult. SCO:Can not link between SCO's. If we use a Main Menu on each SCO, it will still try to send the user to a different SCO when they click on the module they want to go through. User has to go through in order.Please advise. Edited By: Lucky3623 on 38531.5486574074