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gruntbro Community Member Posts: 53
Thanks more clarification, if you would. I also tried to place an animated .gif on the page (just a simple blinking arrow) but it remained static as well. I brought it in as an image. Are animated .gifs just not supported?


  • chemmerly
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    18 years later and I have the same question. Does Lectora not support animated gifs? And if not, why?

  • tasiala
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    I insert animated gifs often, never had issues. If you are inserting them through the GIF dropdown and they are not working, could you attach on here se we can look into it?

  • jholland
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    edited May 30, 2023

    As Tom stated, Animated Gifs are supported but frowned on due to their limited use in Accessible. According to WCAG 2.2.2, if the animation, like your blinking arrow, lasts more than 5 seconds, you must give the user the ability to pause or stop the animation. Otherwise, your course will fail Accesibiliyt audit.