Lectora closes during publishing

lucky3623 Community Member Posts: 54
I opend the course I am building today. I took out all the .wav files and replaced them with .mp3 files to help save space. I saved the tite.I clicked on publish (SCORM), and it went throught the checks, and came back with 0 errors. I click publish, and it pops up the publish options screen. I click on publish and it goes back to the error check screen and stays...I click publish again, and again it brings up the publishing options screen, and I again hit ok. Sends me back to the error check screen.I save and close the title, then re-open. I click on publish, and it starts the error check. I get over 100 errors now, that I never got before. All the errors point back to the page counter. I delete the page counter from my course and save. I publish again. Error check screen comes up, no errors. I click on publish. The publish options screen comes up and I click ok. It starts to publish, but I get over 100 errors again (this time it says that I am linking between to AU's {which I had a problem with about a week ago, and fixed and published a test fine}), and before it finishes attempting to publish, lectora shuts itself down.Why is this happening, and why can I not publish my title, and where are these errors comming from?