Flash Preloader not working in Lectora

lab1522 Community Member Posts: 2
I have several flash movies I have created that use preloaders. All of the flash movies preload and play correctly on pages created with Dreamweaver, but none of them preload - or load in a timely fashion - on pages created with Lectora. They FINALLY do play, but they have disregarded the preloader code and gone straight to the flash content. I have spent the past few days reading all of the posts on this site and have tried all of the fixes recommended by Trivantis and other Lectora users.I have EDITED the html code by moving the sequence of how the objects load - which seems to defeat one of the big selling points of Lectora - but that not work.I have played with moving the flash keyframes around in regards to the first frame of the movie in combination with the autostart option in Lectora.Finally, one solution talked about: "When a flash file is brought in, Lectora automatically takes a screen grab of the first frame and displays this" This one makes no sense to me at all. None of these have worked.So my two questions are:Why the crummy load time for pages with Flash content?Why does Lectora generated html code blast past the preloader code and go straight to the flash content?