Bookmark catching pop up box

thejenn Community Member Posts: 61
Hi,I have bookmarks set up in my course. When the user re-enters the course, there is a prompt that asks the student whether they want to return to their last visit. I think this is actually governed by the LMS (Saba) but I am not sure. The problem I am facing is that the bookmark is catching the pop up boxes on occasion and return to these instead of the regular page. Let's say the user views a pop up box then exits the course. Upon re-entry, the user chooses to return to the bookmarked location and it is the pop up box with a short message and just a "close" button on which the action is set to close window/exit title on click. When the user clicks the close button, it exits the title (as the action would imply).How do I get the course to remember the background page as the last location, not the pop up box? Or, what actions should I put on the close button instead so that it does not exit the title upon click, but goes back to the main course page?I am not well versed in javascript or HTML yet, so I am not sure how to solve this. Any suggestions??Thanks!Jenn