Variables size limit

pheobe Community Member Posts: 6
When running in a browser, you are limited to the size allocated for cookies for your folder. In IE, that's a total of 4K of data. For all other browsers, it's 20 cookies with a limit of 4K each (for a total of 80K).One thing you can do, is use the TitleMgr which will prevent the use of cookies for variables ... and keep themin his own memory space. So if publishing to straight HTML, check the "Use TitleMgr" option and you won't have to worry about cookie limits.If you are publishing to AICC or SCORM, you automatically get the TitleMgr ... but you are limited to the size ofPersistent variables (those that get retained from session to session) by the hosting LMS - typically 8K).Make sure you don't have things marked as persistent thatdon't need to be ... question answers can eat up your cookie space real fast if you remember all answers.Tim V