sflowers Community Member Posts: 106
Tim,We haven't bought the upgrades yet, but we will soon be moving 10 stations up to L2005. Can I ask a small favor for the next service release? Flash file embedding. Can we add a field to the animation add dialog to extend the src value with a querystring to put variables into the Flash movie?Like this: src="images/bar_scale_small.swf?TotalMembers=4&TotalComplete =2&ID=74"and the object param: param name="movie" value="images/bar_scale_small.swf?TotalMembers=4&TotalCo mplete=2&ID=74"A field below the file browse field that enabled us to tack this on would be great. Even better, if it was able to optionally be filled from a variable. Something like var_FlashQuery (default empty). This would really be great! I know you can do it with an external HTML object, which is often superior, it would just be nice to do it through Lectora sometimes.Steve