TitleMgr not loading on some machines

kanchan Community Member Posts: 28
Has anyone discovered the source of this problem?We are experiencing similar issues on certain user PCs where they get an "error on page" message in the browser status bar that causes actions to not execute or do odd things like closing the browser when they should be going to the next page.We use Lectora 2004 SP2c to publish Scorm 1.2 compliant content that is housed on our TEDS LMS web server.User PCs are Win2000 or WinXP with IEv6 and JRE 1.5.0.The problem appears to be tied to user browser settings and the Java Runtime Environment since the PC experiencing problems is a Win2000 machine that can launch and run the elearning just fine with Java Sun off and Microsoft VM on, whereas I have a PC on the same network with the same OS, JRE, and IE versions and don't have any problems at all launching and running Scorm-based elearning with the Java Sun option on. The user also has a Win XP computer that exhibits the same problems as his Win2000 PC.No errors show up in the Java Console but he does get a browser status bar "error on page" message on one of the pages. When viewing details for the error, it says:Error on pageLine 391, char 25"length" is null or not an objectCode: 0 "url" (then it lists the complete url for the page)As I mentioned above, since the program runs fine on one PC and not another with the same OS, IE, and JRE versions, I suspect there may be a browser setting that needs to be adjusted but have no idea what it may be.If anyone knows what might be causing the problem, I love to hear about it. Thanks!Edited By: slambie on 38639.6645023148