TitleMgr Applet

gerrywaz Community Member Posts: 42
THANK YOU, jbbb!!!!!!! You nailed it for us. Had to do with some permission issue. We just moved to Saba 3.5 from Saba 3.4EP. The person developing the content was testing in 3.4EP and the user-defined variable was being stored for some people and not for others.Must have something to with the security list that people are assigned to. The developer and I had near "power of God" while the people with problems were just "average learners."Works fine though in 3.5.We've looked over the security lists and the object permissions and don't see any differences for this object between 3.4 EP and 3.5. Might be something in the application . . .   Ahhh, Saba . . . .THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!