How to protect HTML content?

mrcool Community Member Posts: 14
Sjaak,I use two External HTML objects in the title. The first one I call NoShow_Imagetoolbar, prevents the image toolbar from showing when the cursor is placed over it. The custom HTML is:.The second object is called No_Right_Click and prevents a users from right clicking on your images. The custom HTML is:var msg="Your right click option has been disabled to protect our media.";function click(e) {if (document.all) {if (event.button == 2) {alert(msg);return false;}}if (document.layers) {if (e.which == 3) {alert(msg);return false;}}}if (document.layers) {document.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEDOWN);}document.onmousedown=click;Although it will not prevent someone from grabbing your stuff if they really want it, it will slow down many of the users.Hope this is helpful.Phil