Object Names

mikebass Community Member Posts: 5
It would be nice if Lectora used the "Object Names" as the ID of that object when published to HTML. This would allow those of us that know how to code JavaScript a way to extend the Lectora functionality. Currently the only thing that holds on to the "object name" is the "External HTML" object. I commonly find myself using these objects so that I can show and Hide a bunch of them using a Javascript function (e.g. screen popups). I can only do this because I know the ID of them, and this is because it holds the object name in the ID. Is there a reason that Lectora renames all objects with a random identifier? I assume it is so people don't need to use unique names for objects... but those of us that would like to use this would probably use unique names anyways.A comprimise would be if Lectora assigned unique identifiers only if someone named 2 (or more) objects the same. Maybe just append a 1,2,3, etc. to them. Lectora would really only have to check to see if there are 2 or more non-unique "Object Names" on a given page (including common objects). Maybe even throw a warning during the publish. It wouldn't need to be a critical warning, just for info.Currently the only way to reference objects by ID is to publish, look at the published ID, then go back into Lectora (or Javascript) and hard code that ID in (and hope it never changes). Not really ideal.Thanks,Mike Bass