Section 508 Compliance

jblasko Community Member Posts: 4
I also have a course that has a requirement for section 508 compliance. I am struggling with two basic problems. The first has to do with buttons. If I am visually impaired and using a screen reader I am not using the mouse to activate hyperlinks or buttons. I use the keyboard. The tab key does a good job of cycling through the hyperlinks and buttons on the screen, but I need to have a way to activate a button using the Enter key on the keyboard. If my focus is on a hyperlink I can use the Enter key to activate the link. However, this is not the case with buttons. When my focus is on a button and I hit the Enter key, nothing happens. When I tried to add an additional action to a button, the "On:" event does not allow for a keyboard event. How do I add this functionality to a button?The second problem has to do with setting focus. Specifically, I am using text boxes and onscreen buttons/hyperlinks to create pop-ups. When I click on a button/hyperlink on the page I show a text box with additional information. The screen reader I am using does not read the text in the box until I physically place the mouse in the box to set focus there. How can I set the focus on the pop-up box without using the mouse?I am using Window-Eyes 5.0 as my screen reader.Thanks for any help you can provide.Chris