Section 508 Compliance

jblasko Community Member Posts: 4
Joe,Lectora is 508 compliant with 2005 and with the later versions (revisions) of 2004 ... I don't recall which SP it was off the top of my head.The big addition for 508 compliance was the support fopr labels in questions that would tie radio buttons to text labels so that screen readers would associate them properly.   We tested extensively with a bunch of different screen readers (including Jaws and the standard one that comes in Windows XP/2000).   One word of warning, I found that the on-line checkers such as Bobby couldn't handle the nested DIV blocks that we create when we do T/F and MC questions ... Bobby specifically couldn't handle the fact that a label for a form element was in a div block that was not inside of his own div block ... the screen readers all worked properly, but Bobby couldn't make the connection and thus failed the content. We made the choice to work properly with the SRs, rather than worry about what a validator said.Tim V.