AICC Bookmarking revisited

johnoe Community Member Posts: 10
We're having a similiar problem. We recently switched from Lectora International Publishing Suite v. 2005 to Lectora v. 2006, which I'm guessing could be causing the problem. I recently made French- and Spanish-language versions of an English module created in an older version of Lectora. (Which I did by pasting the new text into a copy of the original module.) We're inconsistently having one of two problems. Most often, the bookmarking feature doesn't work at all within the course content; when you reopen the course after leaving partway through, it opens the first page of the course and doesn't prompt you to return to the last-viewed page. However, if you quit partway through the quiz then open the course again, it will prompt you asking if you want to return to where you were. If you answer "yes," it takes you back to the "failed" page (i.e. the page you were on when you quit). If you then navigate back to the start of the quiz and complete the quiz and course, the new score is not passed to the LMS, and the course is still listed as incomplete. Occasionally, we've had a different bookmarking behavior when testing this course. You exit in the middle of the course, open the course again and get the alert box asking if you want to return to where you were. That works correctly. If you then go further in the course and exit again then open the course again and click "OK" to return to were you were previously, it takes you to the original bookmarked page, not the one you just left. It seems to keep returning to the same bookmarked page no matter how many times you exit and reenter the course. We're publishing to AICC, and Saba is our LMS. Any suggestions?
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