How to make a customized Drag and Drop?

saumya Community Member Posts: 25
Hi,I have problem with drag and drop. I have to make a drag and drop quiz(well its in buil in lectora!!?)? Here I have 5 images which are to be droped on other 5 images. All the 10 images are different.Now when I rollover on any image there should be another image showing that its active.Now I should be able to drag the active image. When I rollover any target images with the active draged image then the drop image should show another images showing that its ready to accept the dragged image.Well when I leave the mouse on top of that then there are 2 options either true or false.Well if its true then the original dargged image should become invisible and the drop image will change to another image showing that the correct image has been dropped.Well if its false then the dragged image should return back to its original location.Please help. We are in hurry to finish up a project. Please let me know whether its possible or not too with lectora alone no scripting out side(html/java script).Thank yousam
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