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Hello all...Was wondering if someone could point me to information detailing how AICC and/or SCORM data is published to an LMS (non-SABA) via Publisher 4.1? Also, what is the advantage of having Publisher over Lectora, if one is not using the SABA server? Is there still an advantage?Thanks in advance for your help in this matter...Sincerely,Kevin


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    Kevin,If you are not using a Saba LMS, then the product to go with is the one that has been released most recently. Typically, this is Lectora and Saba Publisher follows along behind based on integration issues with the Saba LMS. The big strength in SP is the tight coupling with the Saba Content Repository so that you can import and publish content directly to/from the LMS. If you aren't using a Saba Server, then the integration parts of Saba Publisher really aren't buying you anything.If you are publishing to AICC/SCORM that is not a Saba LMS, then the publishing process typically creates a package (for SCORM) that can be directly imported to the destination LMS. This package is a zip file with an IMSMANIFEST that describes the content and all the files that make up the content. For AICC, the files get published to a directory sturcture that need to be imported within the LMS.Tim V