Take Test 3 Times.

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Is there a way to set a test to be taken only 3 times?


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    Gedavis,You can control the number of times a user takes a test by inserting a counting variable on the fail page of the test. I created a test for one of our groups where the student is allowed three attempts at the test and on the third attempt they are directed to contact a mentor for additional assistance.The way I set this up was to initialize a counter variable at the beginning of the test, and then incrementing it by 1 each time the student failed the test. I placed the update to the variable on the fail test page. Lectora offers an on pass and on fail branch for the test. After the student fails the test 3 times, the variable triggers a change to the text of the fail page, using hiddent text boxes that provide them directions on who to contact for assistance. You can also add the variable to the action that launches the test so that if the counter is set to the number of times the student failed the test, the action will send the user to the fail page rather than launch the test again.Hope this helps.Shawn