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I am brand new to lectora, What i have is a lot of tutorial doc made as webpages. I want to create a scorn package using the web pages, is there a way i can make this happen in lectora with out recreating every page in the lectora publisher?


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    Hi theidemaLectora supports the integration of external HTML into its pages, so after my opinion the short answer to you question is "yes".Using this approach you will normally create a Lectora page for each HTML page and import the HTML into Lectora using the "Add external HTML object" button.One thing you'll have to consider is the navigational structure of your existing HTML and how that's converted to Lectora.I would suggest you clean out any proprietary form of navigation between the pages from your HTML and build that from scratch in Lectora.If you use your own form of navigation, it's not certain that your object will be as SCORM compliant as needed and perhaps you'll even have trouble with your LMS. Building the navigational structure in Lectora would make it a lot easier for you to make changes in the future and ensure SCORM compliance.What Lectora does with the external HTML is, after my knowledge, to integrate it in the HTML pages it creates itself (after you select "Publish to HTML" - or SCORM). Not like an external include, but an integration.This means, that when you set the attributes of the Lectora book to be SCORM-compliant, all of your content, including the external HTML will be SCORM-compliant and ready to rock in an LMS. I hope this helps a bit.